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Teluk Intan My kamfa and friends


Teluk Intan My kamfa and friends


My kamfa and friends

start out my hobby with flowerhorn , till date i still find them more attractive than those monster fish out there : )
just a normal piece comments welcomes
tat small fishes is friends ah?? not breakfast, lunch or dinner huh??
my fh dun have friends...only food friends...LOL
white base makes yr fh lose out the colours. use pinkish lights to create the effect on yr fh colour tone
>Yeah going to put pink lights n oyama ... yes this fella very friendly nvr chase them at all lol
>Very cute looking Kamfa, and interesting comm of fishes!
>Cute n beautiful
>Is good to see if LH can mix with other fish, like most of them dont . Thinking what can i com with them . Riau Aquarium

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golden hour

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